Conference Facilities: No. of Halls: 3, Largest Hall Capacity: 650 Prs,
Address: Kolimvari – Kissamos 730 06, Chania, Crete
T: +30 28240 22500/22245
F: +30 28240 22060

Facebook: Orthodox Academy of Crete
Instagram: orthodox_academy_of_crete

The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC), which celebrated its 50th anniversary of diaconia towards society in 2018, functions as an open workshop for the Dialogue between the Church and the intelligentsia and society. It organizes annual thematic study cycles in form of an Open University, international seminars and conferences as well as editions. The established aim of the OAC is the cooperation and synergy with other bodies and the joint discussion about the problems of our time, in a spirit of respect of each person/s diversity. Since 2019, the Academy is a Research Centre acknowledged by the State (Government Gazette 4610/7-5-2019, Art. 255) and is a Member of the European Academy of Religion (EuARe), the Network of Academies and Laity Centres in Europe (OIKOSNET EUROPE). Moreover, it has signed Contracts of Cooperation with Universities and Research Centres (Holy Theological Faculty of Halki, Foundation for Technology and Research, Museum of Natural History of the Univ. of Crete, the Technical University of Crete, the University of Ioannina).

The basic mission of the OAC is the dialogical witness and the liturgical ministry of Orthodoxy in the modern world; therefore, it is devoted to the cultivation of the spirit of dialogue between Orthodoxy and other confessions and religions, but also between faith, science and culture. Inspired by the platonic tradition of symphilosophein (philosophising together), the OAC aspires to be a place for dialogue and spiritual exchange in the service of God and humankind.

The OAC:

a. Organizes and hosts local, national and international conferences on its own initiative or in cooperation with churches, universities or other organizations.

b. Runs various programs and activities of an educational and/or practical nature (e.g. seminars introducing Orthodoxy, iconography, Cretan cuisine and nutrition, seminars about Crete, its history and culture).

c. Produces scientific work in the fields of theology and the environment.

LOCATION: The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is situated in Kolympari, at the sea, 39 km from the airport and 24 km from the city of Chania. From the airport of Chania, delegates and visitors may reach the OAC in the following ways:
1. By taxi. 2. By bus from the airport to the city of Chania and from there, by another bus, to Kolympari (Public Bus Service [KTEL] of Chania: 0030-28210-93052). Buses run from the city of Chania to Kolympari almost every thirty minutes. From the bus stop in the center of Kolympari, it is another 1.5 km to the OAC, which one can either walk or take a local taxi. 3. If a large number of delegates arrives on the same flight, the OAC can organize a transfer for them from Chania airport to the OAC with one of its own buses or one provided by a travel agency. The cost varies depending on the size of the bus (16-seat, 22-seat, 30-seat or 50-seat).

OPEN: All year round.

FACILITIES & AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT: The extensive experience of the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) constitutes the best guarantee for the successful organization of any demanding conference. Apart from the numerous events that have taken place at the Foundation over its 50-plus years of operation, more than 2,500 conferences have been successfully organized and hosted here (43% local or national, and 57% international / ecumenical conferences). The OAC has two main conference rooms with a capacity of 600/400 and 90/70 people respectively without/with tables. The large conference room has 4 interpreter’s cabins, and it may also be divided into 3 independent rooms (2×170 and 1×70 persons). In addition, the OAC has 5 more rooms (1×40, 1×35, 2×25, 1×20 seats with tables), which may be used by working groups, but also meeting offices, exhibition halls and comfortable spaces for outdoor events. The conference rooms are equipped with all the technical equipment necessary for even the most demanding conferences, plus 30 double-faced poster boards (dimensions 0.90 x 0.90m and 0.90 x 1.40m). Specialized OAC staff provide technical support throughout the conference. There is also wireless Internet access in both buildings, as well as in the outdoor spaces of the Foundation. The conference participants can also photocopy or print their texts.

ACCOMODATION & MEALS: The OAC has 60 rooms which are all double, with either two beds or one double bed. Five of them are suites. All have their own bathroom and most have a sea-view and air-conditioning. Two rooms are specially arranged for accommodating people with special needs. The OAC offers breakfast and two meals per day, which are served in one of the three dining rooms of the Foundation (seating 150, 35 and 20).

ADDITIONAL BONUS: Organization of the conference excursion, trips and visits to ecclesiastical and archaeological sites as well as beaches. If requested, conference material can be provided. The OAC’s libraries are at the disposal of conference participants and visitors.

The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is a Foundation for the common good, situated in Kolympari, at a distance of 25 km west of the town of Chania. Since 1968, its basic aim is to enable and further the DIALOGUE between people and, as a consequence, to create a space for discussion and education. The topics are manifold: Philosophical search, theological questions, cultural and historical interest as well as scientific research. Conferences, seminars and other activities are organized on a local and international level in order to achieve this goal, in cooperation with universities, research centers, other Churches or on a personal basis.