Epirus (Greek: Ήπειρος) is a traditional geographic and modern administrative region in northwestern Greece. It borders the regions of West Macedonia and Thessaly to the east, West Greece to the south, the Ionian Sea and Ionian Islands to the west and Albania to the north. 

  • - Sights: Sights to see in Parga are the Venetian Castle above the town and the Ottoman Castle in Anthoussa. Another wonderful place near Parga is the Springs of Acheron and the historical village of Souli. The town of Ioannina with the lake, the mountainous villages of Zagoria and the picturesque village of Metsovo provide lovely places to visit. The most important archaeological sites in Epirus are Ancient Dodona, the Roman Town of Nicopolis and the Ancient Nekromanteion of Acheron River.


International Airport
Aktio National Airport

National Airports
Ioannina Airport "King Pyrros"

Weather (average)
January: 4°C | 39 °F
February: 5°C | 41°F
March: 8°C | 46°F
April: 12°C | 54°F
May: 16°C | 61°F
June: 20°C | 68°F
July: 22°C | 72°F
August: 22°C | 72°F
September: 19°C | 66°F
October: 14°C | 57°F
November: 9°C | 48°F
December: 5°C | 41°F

Public Transportation

Major Cities
Arta (Άρτα)
Igoumenitsa (Ηγουμενίτσα)
Ioannina (Ιωάννινα)
Konitsa (Κόνιτσα)
Metsovo (Μέτσοβο)
Paramythia (Παραμυθιά)
Parga (Πάργα)
Preveza (Πρέβεζα)
Syvota (Σύβοτα)