Address: Irodou Attikou 6 , Chalandri, 152 33, Attica
T: +30 210 8979 560
F: +30 210 8979 566
E: thelo@360.com.gr
Website: http://www.360.com.gr

360 Event is a creative event agency, focusing on unique ideas and detailed executions.
We are a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, who understand our clients’ position and then add our expertise, creating events that could meet any demand.
360 Event is a state of mind under a 6 pillar “blend”: experiential events, employee/ consumer engagement, post production, 2D/3D VR, decoration & branding. We stand out by offering novelty and uniqueness with our tailored and high quality ideas and act as a turnkey solution.
By operating based on our motto “Giving more. Asking less”, we always aim at making every event an unforgettable experience.

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